Ford Freda Conversions

Ford Freda Camper Conversions

The Ford Freda, what can we say that has not been said before? This is the van that started the Japanese conversion phenomenon; there are so many permutations of conversions available with and without an elevating roof. Economical on fuel and smooth to drive the Freda still has lots going for it as economical to buy and run campervan; at Calder Campers we currently have five conversion layouts available:

  • Full LUXURY Side Conversion

  • 6 Seat LUXURY Side Conversion

  • Full Rear Conversion

  • Rear Pod behind Rear Seat

  • Side Pod between Front and Middle Seats

The Ford Freda is still very well specified in comparison to the more modern Japanese MPV’s and comes with automatic gearbox, power steering, front and rear air-conditioning, twin airbags, electric windows, and are available with a range of petrol and diesel engines all with either two or four wheel drive. Some have the AFT electric elevating roof, side and rear curtains and aero body kits, all can be fitted with our swivel front passenger seat, the only thing that the Freda has lacked over its other camper vans competitors, well no more.



Calder Campers exclusive pop-up roof is extremely strong and water proof as you would expect, with its steel frame adding rigidity to the body making it stronger than the Ford original. The roof whilst adding height to the cabin also offers sleeping space for a further two people.


Calder Campers deluxe rock and roll bed for the Ford Freda comes with two three point seat belts and requires little effort to make it into a very  comfortable bed and can be covered in a variety of cloth’s, vinyl’s and luxury leathers, the bed base is also useful as storage.


Calder Campers use only the finest lightweight marine ply for our conversions, our durable ply is available in both hi-gloss and textured finishes, in a large range of colours allowing you to custom build your camper.


Calder Campers use only premium components in our build, sinks, cookers, fridges and ovens from Dometic UK, power management from Sargent, LED lighting, twin 240V sockets, 12V sockets, leisure batteries, in fact everything you need for your camping getaway.


Calder Campers upholstery is available in a wide selection of cloths, vinyl’s, ultra-leather and luxury leather hides, all stitched in a variety of styles.
We also cover the front seats to match the rear rock and roll bed.


As the Freda is built as a luxury people carrier and as such they are already fully lined and insulated at manufacturer for your comfort, however if you wish to camp all year round you may want to specify a propex hot air heater or a 12V blow air heater.


All Calder Camper full conversions have a built in cupboard where you may want to store a porta-potty, if the need arises.


Our six seat full side conversion is becoming very popular due to its flexibility of a campervan, whilst still retaining six seats with seats belts. You can get the best of both worlds as a campervan and a MPV, all in the one vehicle, great for the larger family.

It is a true 4 – 5 berth and fitted with:

39 litre Compressor fridge with freezer compartment

2nd battery

Two burner hob and sink (Glass top)

Power management system including 12volt (2nd battery) and 240v (hook up)

12 litre water tank

6ft level bed made up in around 15 seconds!

Four forward facing seats all with  seat belts

Waterproof and clean easy vinyl floor

Various storage solutions including one for a Porta-loo

Available in 12 wood styles

Six Seater version available with middle swivel seats!

This conversion is available as a tin-top with a fitted high top or our elevating roof


This conversion adds to the flexibility to the Freda as a campervan, MPV or van. It can be fitted to a twin top at a very attractive price or with a elevating roof or a high top fixed roof.

It can also be removed if you wish in 10 minutes returning the Freda to a full 8 seater MPV.

The Conversion is only £1,995

Fits along the back of the vehicle in place of the last set of rear seats, the middle remaining seat is turned around to face the conversion (can have the option to leave it forward facing) and the two side seats create a seated dining area for five! Further benefits with the ability to use the kitchen from the outside as well as the inside (nice when it’s hot or the van is full of people!!)

When the middle seat is facing the rear, lap belts can be used from the rear seat (now removed) and the existing one to create two rear facing belted seats.

The bed makes up easily by lowering the table into the area between the two side seats, a cushion then goes over it, you then lay the middle seat flat to create the bed which utilises the full width of the vehicle!

Fitted with two burner gas hob, stainless steel sink with electric water pump fed from a 12 litre water tank. Loads of storage with under seat areas, rear cupboards and a top locker Also a dedicated gas locker, and provision for a Portaloo and a proper 39 litre compressor fridge…..(cool box can be used)

Options Include:

• 39 litre compressor fridge £491 (really need second battery with this option)

• Mains electrics and second battery £475 includes battery tray, 2nd battery, split charge relay, RCD/MCB protection, 240v charger, mains hook up flap (fitted into vehicle side) (done at Southampton)

• Glass lid hob either an 8222 or twin lid 9222 £85 surcharge over standard

As you can see you can get a full width double bed and all the amenities you need for a relaxed camping holiday.


This Modular Pod is Fitted with everything you need for a comfortable weekend break away. It is self-contained and as such can either be bolted into the vehicle permanently or fitted to be removable – allowing it to be used as a kitchenette in an awning or tent. The unit can be fitted at the front of the van and will still allow space for a full width Rock and Roll seat bed. Or it can be fitted in behind the driver’s seat running down the side of the vehicle and allow space for a 3/4 width Rock and Roll seat to be fitted.


Smev stainless steel twin hob with glass lid/splash and 907 camping gas regulator
Smev stainless steel sink with glass lid/splash-back side drainer
Micro-switched tap and submersible pump
12l fresh water supply, 12l waste water container
39l compressor fridge
Two food storage lockers
Unit made from lightweight furniture board in choice of finishes
Pre-wired with easy crimp connections for simple installation
Fixing kit with spreader plates to bolt into your van – these can be adapted to make the unit easily removable


12v Socket fitted and wired – £35
Table with folding leg, stainless steel fixing rail and fixings. The rail can either be fitted to the conversion unit or to the side of the van.
Please specify when ordering. – £65 inc vat – usual price £75 inc vat when ordered separately
240v twin CBE sockets unit with 20m hook-up cable, RCD and MCB protection, allows for safe connection to campsite 240v supply. – £175 inc vat
240v – 12v power inversion unit fitted allowing the conversion and 12v socket to be powered through the 240v mains supply – £45 inc vat
Flush floor fixing plates – Allowing for easy removal of unit. – £35 inc vat

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